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Daniel Lopez, D.O. is a highly sought after osteopathic manipulative treatment specialist and teacher with patients from around the world serving the greater Denver area. Dr. Lopez specializes in helping people with many problems including migraine headaches, tension headaches, TMJ dysfunctions, traumatic brain injuries, and neck pain. He also teaches courses around the world. After practicing for 6 years in New York City, Dr. Lopez returned to his hometown and joined Osteopathic Integrative Medicine located in Lakewood, Colorado where he currently practices.

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December 6, 2019 in Osteopathy, Physical Health

An Example Of How The Tongue Affects The Craniofacial Shape

The tongue muscle is a group of muscles that work unlike any other muscle we have in our body. It has a free end and resembles the tentacles of an octopus. It is the most dynamic and strongest muscle in our head. We use it to speak, swallow, and breathe. We don't survive as a species if we can't swallow. We know that proper swallowing mechanics promotes normal craniofacial development. Breastfeeding encourages proper tongue mechanics. A reverse swallowing mechanism (aka - tongue thrust) promotes a narrow, high palate and jaw that is often linked with bigger problems such as obstructive…
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August 12, 2019 in Health, Physical Health, Self-Help

3 Things I Wish I Knew About When I Was A Competitive Athlete (Part II)

Introduction Flexibility gives an athlete power through a range of motion that they don’t have otherwise. Without flexibility not just range of motion is lost, but it also requires a lot of effort for muscles when they are at the edge of that range of motion.  I was not born with natural flexibility. For the longest time I was convinced that stretching didn’t work. When it comes to the traditional methods of stretching, I still feel that way, but I’m going to share with you something new I discovered recently.  In Part I of this series, we discussed airway and…
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July 13, 2019 in Health, Osteopathy, Physical Health, Uncategorized

3 Things I Wish I Knew About When I Was A Competitive Athlete (Part I)

Introduction I grew up a competitive swimmer. I started at the age of 5 and swam competitively for 17 years all the way through college. Being a swimmer, I became very self aware of my body. I had a lot of bodywork done. I knew of my strengths, weaknesses, and asymmetries.  Even though I worked hard, I always felt like I was capable of more but I didn’t know how to get there.  Having spent my career studying the human body, there are top three things I wish I knew about when I was an athlete… and, no, nutrition is…
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August 18, 2018 in Osteopathy, Physical Health

Stem Cells in the Cranial Sutures and More: In Support of Cranial Osteopathy

Two Opposing Models? The medical profession has historically operated with the model that health can be achieved solely as a series of biochemical reactions. “Better living through chemistry” is a common quote that can be found in relation to this. Historically, osteopathic physicians (D.O.’s) have been attacked and dismissed for practicing “manual medicine.” D.O.’s argued that they operate on a different aspect of health by optimizing the structure. Critics have complained that there is “no evidence” for this model. Science is showing more and more the plausibility of this in other fields besides osteopathy. The goal with this article is…
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