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July 2017

Why Your Holistic Practice Needs a Specialty

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A business coach once asked me, “What’s your specialty?” “I’m a specialist of the human body,” I replied unwilling to get more specific. As an osteopathic manipulative medicine specialist, we treat the whole person. This is a great philosophy and I no longer can no longer address any particular issue without addressing the whole. However, in terms of trying to grow and market yourself, it will not serve you. It is important to have at least an informal specialty. This is something I struggled with for years. I didn’t want to limit myself to anything because I treat everything. I…

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Evidence the Bones of the Head Move???

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In his book, Doctoring Data, Malcolm Kendrick, M.D. describes the “white swan hypothesis.” He states that if one’s hypothesis is that “all swans are white,” then as long as that person observes only white swans, he or she strengthens their position and they are correct. However, as soon as that person observes a black swan, he or she must completely reject their original hypothesis and form a new one, or flat out ignore the findings. It’s like saying Bigfoot, Lochness monster, etcetera do not exist. If ever, a Bigfoot was captured, all of us who hypothesized Bigfoot did not exist…

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How You Could Be Sabotaging Your Private Practice

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The first few years of my private practice were easily some of the toughest years of my life. At the worst of it, I hit rock bottom both financially, physically, and emotionally. I got to the point that I could not afford to eat, pay rent, and pay my bills. What I thought was supposed to be the time of my life that I could finally begin to enjoy the fruits of my labor was a nightmare. I felt like I aged several decades in those few short years. It was much harder than any stress of internship and residency….

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How Swallowing Incorrectly Can Affect Your Eyes

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The bones that make up the hard palate also make up the orbit, the eye socket. The maxillary and palatine bones make up the hard palate and also form the floor of the orbit. With an interest in treating the jaw and eyes, I have recently had a curiosity in understanding how tongue thrusting (AKA- reverse or immature swallow) reshapes the hard palate over time and could ultimately affect the eyes. Recently listening to a lecture by Dr. Holly Baller at NEO Smiles (www.neo-smiles.com), she was pointing out a case study about a child who after palate expansion had improvement…

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