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One of My Favorite Osteopathic Stories

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I have seen a lot of strange cases in the past, but I specifically remember this one for its peculiarity and humor. Jennifer brought her daughter in to see me. Along with her daughter, came Jennifer’s brother and her mother to the appointment. Jennifer’s brother and mother were already patients of mine, but the whole family coming to the appointment made me curious what I was going to encounter. “This must be something major,” I thought. “So what can I help you with?” I asked. “Well, my daughter has dark circles under her eyes. Can you help with that?” asked…

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How To Find An Osteopath In The US

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Finding an osteopathic physician who practices hands-on osteopathic treatment can be hard. Much of the population in the United States does not know that osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) exist. Even with those that do, many do not know how to find an osteopath that does hands on osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). Unlike much of the rest of the world, D.O.s in the U.S. are trained as fully licensed physicians on top of their osteopathic training. The end result of this is that the vast majority of U.S. trained D.O.s practice medicine in a similar fashion to their M.D. counterparts. They practice…

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The Most Compelling Reason To Heal Your Trauma Down To The DNA

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What if we looked at cultivating our health differently? What if we were more proactive in cultivating both physical and mental health? It might surprise you how that could change not just you, but your family in the present and the future. Many patients who have had quality osteopathic treatments, myself included, describe feeling like their body is being unwound. They describe feeling lighter and looser. Movement becomes easier and more efficient. Sometimes patients describe feeling a natural high as endorphins are released. Over time, some patients start to understand and experience how this unwinding has an effect on their…

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3 Tips To Help After A Concussion

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Recently I read an article that former football star Neil Smith regretted having played football. He had an illustrious career that many football players would wish for. He played pivotal roles in two Super Bowl wins with the Denver Broncos in the late 90’s. Knowing what he knows now, if he could do it all over again he would pass this up for a career in the military. This should be eye opening to have someone with such an amazing career give it all up to go to the military. So what could make him wish he had never played...
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Osteopaths – Silent Influencers of the World

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From authors to patients to presidents, osteopaths have had a large effect on the world around us since the 1800’s. The osteopathic profession has silently influenced much of the world around us and yet most of the public does not know we exist. Since its origins the osteopathic profession has been faced with a strong resistance and faced many uphill battles. Many of the contributions from the osteopathic profession go unrecognized and uncredited. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy, came up with the theory of an immune system in the body a generation before Paul Ehrlich and Eli Metchnikoff…

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A Case Of Eyes And Posture: Osteopathic Considerations

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I was having trouble with a patient’s upper back. I had made good progress with it but there was just one area that would not get better. It affected her posture. Finally one day, I asked if she wore glasses. She said she didn’t but that she had had LASIK many years ago and her vision was getting worse again. Ok, well that gave me a good clue about why her back was so stiff causing her to have bad posture. The next time she came in, I checked her upper back and neck. It was really stiff still in…

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Osteopathy For Lymphedema: A Patient’s Story

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“Congratulations! You don’t have breast cancer,” said the surgeon as Monica woke up from her surgery. They had removed all of her breast tissue and all the lymph nodes in her right arm. Five years later when she was sitting in my office, she said, “What they did not tell me was that I was going to have to live with my arm this swollen. I have to wear this sleeve that does not feel like it does anything.” Monica’s right arm had swelled up like a balloon right after the surgery and had been like that for five years….

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Osteopathic Medicine: We Feel Your Pain

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“My doctors are starting to question my back pain,” said Meghan, “They have run a lot of tests and can’t find any reason for my pain.” Meghan heard about me from another patient and came with a hope that I could help her. “I’m starting to worry that they’re right and there really is nothing wrong with me,” she explained somewhat despondently. “Lay down on the table.” I said, “Let’s see what we can find.” Meghan laid down on her back. I examined her whole body. There were dysfunctional areas that felt “tense” and “stuck” from her feet all the…

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Self-Help Tips For Mild Carpal Tunnel Related Symptoms

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Introducing The Carpal Tunnel Release Series   Within about a couple months after the birth of my daughter, I noticed that I woke up one night with the first three fingers of both hands numb. I know this is from the median nerve being compressed, the nerve associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. After moving my hands for a bit the numbness would go away. My arms still felt sore and tight and bending my wrists forward would elicit the numbness. The next day I forgot about the numbness until I woke up the next night with the same numbness on…

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