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An Osteopathic Approach to the Eyes

Introducing “An Osteopathic Approach To Eyes”

“How to treat patient’s eyes, expand your osteopathic treatments, and help more patients…”

Dear friend,

The role vision plays in posture is poorly understood. In osteopathic medical school, I was told that the body would rearrange its posture to keep the eyes level. We seem to understand that eyes play a strong role in posture. Yet we did not explore these concepts at the level of the eyes.

Knowing that vision plays such a strong role in posture, it could be an important component to osteopathic treatment that is untapped by many osteopathic physicians. This course explores an osteopathic approach to normalize ocular and extraocular strains and much, much more.

As a part of the course, we will evaluate how strains related to the eyes are affecting postural dysfunctions as well as other eye related problems in the body, most specifically relating to the cervical and thoracic spine. We will use a multi-systemic approach to treat the eyes. This course will cover methods to influence the venous system, arteries, nerves, muscles, lymphatics, and fascia related to the eyes and how it relates to the rest of the body.

An Osteopathic Approach To The Eyes is a series of videos including an anatomy review, how to evaluate, and step-by-step treatment approaches. Plus there’s many bonus videos that will help take your treatments to the next level. You can become the go-to expert in your community.

I became interested in this topic a few years ago I was treating a patient for an upper thoracic rib issue that no one could figure out. She had been treated by many osteopaths and the results were always the same…no change. After a few visits, I was starting to feel like a failure because nothing I tried helped.

One day when she was in my office, I was watching her and I noticed some tension in and around her eyes.

“Do you wear contacts?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “ but I had laser surgery when it originally came out and my vision is getting bad again.”

So I did nothing that treatment, but treat her eyes as best as I could. Before I started, her rib dysfunction was unchanged. After the treatment, I had felt the tension in her eyes had changed. So I went back and checked her rib and… for the first time since she had sought out treatment, it was completely different. She described feeling her neck and back relax while I treated her eyes. Over the years, I have researched, learned, and refined my osteopathic approach to the eyes.

Hello, my name is Daniel Lopez, D.O. I am an osteopathic physician. I’ve trained with many amazing osteopathic physicians and others that put me light years ahead of where I would be without them. I have created this online course, An Osteopathic Approach To The Eye, to help share many of the things that I have learned during my time practicing that I have found valuable.

An Osteopathic Approach To The Eye is full of concepts that can only be learned by actual experience and practice applying osteopathic principles. This material is for osteopaths and assumes that you have an understanding of basic osteopathic ideas and concepts. Basic cranial course is not a must, but is highly recommended in this case. Here’s a glimpse of some of what you will learn:

  • Evaluating not just the eyes, but other parts of the body in a way that shows you how things are changing globally
  • How to release pressure not just in the orbit, but in the globe itself
  • How to release the ciliary muscles that are involved with the regulation of aqueous humor and intraocular pressure
  • How to influence the optic nerves, autonomics, lymphatics, and connective tissue
  • And much, much more

When you get An Osteopathic Approach To The Eye there’s no doubt it can help take you from where you are now…to where you want to be. As I add more content, the price is surely to go up. Right now, it is way undervalued, but you can have instant access to this course for a one-time payment of…


Once registered, simply push on the “Buy Now” button below to begin exploring these concepts and taking your treatments further.

Order today!


Daniel Lopez, D.O.

Reviews of “An Osteopathic Approach To The Eye”:

“Daniel, one of my patients used to have 5% vision in one eye and none in the other (retinopathy of prematurity). When she had her daughter a couple of years ago her cataracts got worse, and her vision declined. I used your approach on her eyes on Wednesday. She told me this morning that everything looks brighter and bigger now; and that she now can’t bear to look at the lurid pink running top her husband bought her, because it irritates her eyes. Previously, she hadn’t realised that it was lurid pink at all. She’s coming back for another treatment next week. Love your work!” John Smartt (Sydney, Australia)

“To use a Benism ‘I’ve been getting eyetastic this week.’96 yo lady who lives at home alone fell over and fit her nose on a table.

Reported to me (3 weeks later) she was having similar symptoms to her TIA episodes she used to have before she met me. But she’d had some dramatic events as well such as not recognizing her hairdresser and not understanding what people were saying in the phone (ie hearing entire different conversations).Her L eyeball was misshapen and her R maxilla/frontal/zygoma etc were totally stuck. Yup, I performed a miracle that day, I mean I balanced her eyes and worked all the way to the upper cx with your course in my mind Daniel. She called me a wonder woman ? It’s true though, I wonder about many things….

As for me…… my balance and spatial awareness has changed for the better, my skin feels better – I was getting a feeling in one on one interactions that the other person was way too close when they weren’t and I’d have that desire to feel as if I were floating above myself. My ankle capsules have loosened and that is now a 13 year old problem that has changed over night.

I’m going to pay for my associates to watch it because I think it’s such a wonderful and thorough course.” Elissa O’Brien (Melbourne, Australia)

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