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A simple 5-step strategy to remove bags and dark circles under the eyes and remove eye strain and fatigue quickly and naturally in minutes.

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  • Are you frustrated of always looking tired with bags or dark circles under your eyes?
  • Do your allergies cause you to feel a lot of itchiness and swelling around your eyes and your sinuses to swell?
  • Do you get headaches or just tired, strained eyes after staring at computer  or mobile phone screens all day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from allergies, dark circles under their eyes, have headaches where they describe pressure behind their eyes, and eye strain/fatigue from glasses and staring at computer screens all day. It’s almost harder to find what that is like. Imagine if doing a simple hands-on maneuver, you could get rid of the congestion under your eyes and have your face feel amazing.

I specialize in helping people with headaches, neck pain, and other problems. As a result, I ended up learning that eye strain and tension actually causes a lot of neck, upper back pain, and more. So through all my studying, experimenting, and learning, I became an expert on eye treatments. I teach courses to other professionals and have an upcoming book on the subject. My patients who have had eye treatments often feel amazing, but they ask me what they can do between treatments?

This self-help course was born from playing with different ideas. Honestly, I came up with this while waiting at red lights on my way to work. I realized after doing one side of my face, how amazing it felt.

“I have to teach this to others,” I said.

The process is gentle and simple, but powerful. I modeled it after one section of the eye course I teach to professionals. It’s the only thing that is not too technical that I can teach to the general public. Let me be clear, the purpose of this material is not improve your vision, but this is important for eye health none the less.

You’re going to learn why:

  • Why screens and our modern lifestyle is causing you problem to not just your eyes, but your body
  • This course is different than applying products
  • Why just massaging the area can have the opposite effect that you’re trying to achieve and in this course you will learn a simple 5-step solution to getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes naturally

Our eyes are bombarded with excessive blue light with screens. We spend most of our time looking down at things that are very close (this is not how our eyes were intended to be used). We’re interrupting our normal rhythms often affecting our melatonin production. Our eyes and even the muscles that move our eyes actually also give feedback to our brain about our posture. If the information being sent to our brain gets distorted,  eye strain and tension can actually cause headaches, neck pain, and even back pain. I noticed this while frustrated trying figure out why I couldn’t change one my patient’s upper back pain. Since then, I tested out eye treatments for many people and began to understand how much our eyes play a role in posture and pain.

The material in this course is simple, but it is different than other things you may be doing. This is different than products that cover up or mask the bags under our eyes where you are applying chemicals that you don’t even know the long-term effects of around your eyes. Our goal is not to mask the problem. Nor does applying a chemical laced product around your eyes, help relieve your eyes strain and fatigue and related headaches from that.

Nor is this course just simply massaging. What we are doing is using our hands and fingers to help flush out the junk around your cells, including inflammatory markers. Most massage in these areas will be helpful, but often it’s too rough to trigger the delicate system that flushes out the junk. Being too rough, can actually have the opposite effect. If you massage to roughly and the area feels sore afterwards, it means you’ve actually increased the inflammation…that’s not good.

If you’re tired of having bags under your eyes and feeling so much tension, the next step is to sign up for the Eye Self-Help Secrets online course. This is a five step course that can take minutes at a time and there is no limit to how often you can do it.

Patients that I have shown this to, have experienced feeling like their face is more relaxed. They describe less tension around their eyes. Some have even noted that their sinus began to drain. Because this course is new and I have not yet added all the bonus material and extra content I want to provide, the investment is a one time payment of $39.99.

Be sure to grab this now before the price goes up. Click the button below to sign up to get instant access to this course for just $39.99.




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