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The Neck Knot Self-Help Course

This is an advanced course based on the background material presented in the free "Neck Knot Mini Course." This course is a 9 step course showing advanced techniques to help you get neck pain relief. This course is for anyone who has knots in their neck and trapezius muscles and wants unique strategies that work that they can do themselves.

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An Osteopathic Approach to the Jaw

This is an in-depth course in evaluation and treatment of the the upper jaw, mandible, TMJ, tongue, and other associated structures to release problems throughout the body.

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Eye Self Help Secrets

A simple 5-step strategy to remove bags and dark circles under the eyes and remove eye strain and fatigue quickly and naturally in minutes.

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Neck Knot Mini Course

A free course explaining why we don't approach muscle knots correctly and different paradigm to release muscle knots in the trapezius and neck.

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An Osteopathic Approach to the Eyes

This a course for osteopathic professionals packed with over 20 techniques to evaluate the eyes and the role they play throughout the body and detailed treatment strategies for many eye and eye related structures.

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