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What Takes Place During A Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment? Your Questions, Answered!

By December 14, 2013March 10th, 2017Health, Physical Health

Guest Post By Joyce Rockwood, CCH

Are you one of the many people who has heard about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and even considered booking an appointment but shied away simply because you weren’t sure what takes place during the colonic treatment? I am here to explain the specifics to you so you can put your fears aside and start reaping the glorious benefits of the missing link in your health regimen – colon hydrotherapy!

What Is A Colonic?

Quite simply, a colonic, or colon hydrotherapy, is the use of purified water to rinse the colon of fecal and gaseous waste matter that has not evacuated on its own. In essence, it’s shower-time for your colon!

I work with the Woods Gravity System (originally created by Dr. Robert Woods) because I have found that this method is the most comfortable and yields the best results. The Woods Gravity Method is a closed system. This means that the water and waste that leave your body exit through a tube, so not only is there is no odor to worry about but there isn’t any water or waste touching the outside of your body as it evacuates. The process is clean and efficient, and in my eyes, quite magical!

What Happens During A Colonic? Woods Gravity Method Description:

  • As its name indicates, this method of colon hydrotherapy treatment relies on gravity to facilitate the gentle movement of water into and out of your body. Therefore, the water tank is positioned on a shelf a few feet above the treatment table and gravity is the only form of energy that permits it to flow. The water moves into your body like a gentle waterfall. (This method does not implement the use of motors or pumps that force water into and out of your body.)
  • Your body’s release of the water and waste is based on: 1) your colon’s natural peristaltic action which is prompted once the water enters your body, 2) relaxing abdominal massage administered by the therapist, 3) the therapist’s gentle pulsing of the tube that carries the water and waste out of your body, and 4) the positioning of the evacuation tubing below the table that you are reclining on during the session. With these factors in place, the therapist is working with you and the natural forces of gravity are working for you. The water source is above. You are reclined below the water source on a massage table. And the evacuation system is underneath your body. Simple physics!
  • To receive the treatment, you will be reclining on a cushioned massage table on top of a protective under-pad, and you your body will be covered with a drape sheet throughout the session for privacy. (A toilet is located in the treatment room for easy access immediately following your session or should you need to interrupt the treatment and take a break.)
  • To perform the treatment, a sterilized stainless steel instrument called a speculum is lubricated and inserted into the rectum. (For the curious at heart: Don’t fret, the insertion is painless and is only two inches deep.)
  • Two separate firm rubber surgical tubes are attached to the speculum: one transports water into your body and the other transports the water and waste out. The water feed-in tube is narrow and the waste tube is wide which means that the emphasis is always on the outflow and not the input of water to your body.
  • At the beginning of the colonic, you will be lying on your left side, in a fetal position. The colon hydrotherapist will start the session. They will be working with the natural rhythm of your body by gently pulsing the evacuation tube, and as well, will apply abdominal massage to assist your body in eliminating at various points in the treatment. The water is typically kept at body temperature but cooler or warmer adjustments can be made to suit your comfort level.
  • At a certain point in the colon hydrotherapy treatment, you will be asked to turn onto you back where typically you will be lying for most of the session. It is common to turn back to your left side at the end of the treatment.
  • Retentions of Water: At various points in the colon hydrotherapy treatment, the therapist will administer retentions of water. This means that they close off the waste tube so the fresh water can now move more thoroughly into your body without simultaneously exiting. This is done to facilitate a deeper release of matter and provide for a more thorough treatment. This is always done in alignment with your comfort level and often with guided deep breathing. The therapist will release the water the moment you inform them you need to release it.
  • Most sessions require about 45 minutes and upon completion the therapist will remove the instrument from your body. You will then be able to sit on the toilet once they leave the room to discharge any remaining water, waste, and gas before you get dressed.
  • Most clients walk out of the treatment room feeling an overall sense of rejuvenation and clarity, a calmness, and true sense of joy!


My Personal Colon Hydrotherapy Advice:

  • Simply do your best to relax during the session and let the water do the work.
  • As a therapist since 1997, I find that my clients feel at ease once we’ve had a few moments to discuss the treatment.
  • I can offer some guided breathing techniques that melt away any anxiety that lingers during the session.
  • You’ll notice how calming the water feels especially once your body has released some matter and gas. Most clients are surprised at how relaxed they feel after only a few minutes into the session.
  • Of course, dietary preparation is key to a comfortable colonic and you can get familiar with some of my easy colonic preparation tips here.


Closing Thoughts:

Having been a client prior to becoming a certified colon hydrotherapist is just one aspect that makes my treatments unique. After my first colonic in 1993, I immersed myself in a healthy lifestyle. The dramatic health improvements I experienced with colon hydrotherapy in tandem with a vegan diet were undeniable. Commitment to fostering my own well-being was really the segue for me from client to practitioner. I offer you my pure connection to this therapy so that I may be a healthy conduit for your own health journey at whatever level or pace you find most comfortable. I’m sure that after having your first colonic treatment you’re only regret will be not having scheduled one sooner!


Joyce Rockwood | (917) 613-6874 |

Joyce Rockwood, C.C.H., is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, holistic health practitioner, teacher, and advocate. Joyce guides both individuals and groups through specialized deep tissue detoxification programs, which are a combination of diet, natural therapies, and holistic lifestyle practices. She uses an integrated approach to address emotional, spiritual, and physical factors, treating the body as a web of intricate historical information, which when slowly unraveled, plays a vital role in the overall healing process. Her clients discover freedom from illness and emotional empowerment as they access their body’s full healing potential and gain a true joy for life. For more information please visit



Daniel Lopez, D.O.

Author Daniel Lopez, D.O.

Daniel Lopez, D.O. grew up with a lot of pain trying many things that did not help. Realizing that if he could not help himself, he would be unable to help others effectively, he dedicated himself to finding real answers. Since that time, Dr. Lopez has found a unique but powerful style where he has patients from around the country and the world that travel to see him for headaches, TMJ issues, eye issues, neck pain, back pain, and more. Daniel Lopez, D.O. is an osteopathic physician with Osteopathic Integrative Medicine. Prior to that he had a private practice in NYC for 6 years. He is the author of the Amazon best seller "Unwinding the Body and Decoding the Messages of Pain: An In-Depth Look into the World of Osteopathic Physicians and How They 'Magically' Use Their Hands for Healing." He lives in Aurora, CO with his wife and daughters.

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  • Dee Francis says:

    Thanks for posting this advice for what patients should expect when getting a colonic. Using gravity to facilitate water in and out of my body seems like an interesting way to improve my colon health. For those who would be interested, I found another great resource for what to expect when scheduling for a colonic in this post One tip that I thought that was useful was to expect to use the restroom a lot for your body to release extra water and fecal matter. That seems important for patients to be aware of after the procedure.

  • Kyler Brown says:

    I’ve never heard of a treatment like this before. My grandfather passed away from colon cancer, so it’s nice to see efforts being made in this area. If I ever need treatment, I would love to try this type of treatment out. Thanks for sharing this.

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