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About physical health, DIY, and other information related to health through the osteopathic lens.

How to Palpate and Release the Mandibular Branch of the Trigeminal Nerve

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Introduction One of the most profound places to get the most of your osteopathic treatment to release the cervical spine, thoracics, and other places is to get changes throughout the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve (CN V) is a cranial nerve that can influence much of the body. It is important nerve that provides sensory information for much of the head and face, including the sinuses and tongue. The trigeminal nerve also provides sensory information for the dura of the anterior and middle cranial fossa. Finally, the trigeminal nerve also has a motor component innervating the muscles of mastication (masseter,...
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How to Palpate the Kidneys, Ureters, and Bladder For Osteopathic Professionals

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Sign up below to the "Osteopathic professionals" section to receive more tips and information about upcoming courses to take your osteopathic practice to another level. First Name Email address: List choice Daniel Lopez, D.O. - Personal Health Daniel Lopez, D.O. - Financial Health Osteopathic Professionals Leave this field empty if you're human: In this article, I share a method of isolating the kidneys, ureters, and bladders for osteopathic professionals to evaluate and release them. This can be useful in cases of low back pain, pelvic issues, issues specific to these organs, and more. The final decision on whether applying treatment...
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Evidence the Bones of the Head Move???

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In his book, Doctoring Data, Malcolm Kendrick, M.D. describes the “white swan hypothesis.” He states that if one’s hypothesis is that “all swans are white,” then as long as that person observes only white swans, he or she strengthens their position and they are correct. However, as soon as that person observes a black swan, he or she must completely reject their original hypothesis and form a new one, or flat out ignore the findings. It’s like saying Bigfoot, Lochness monster, etcetera do not exist. If ever, a Bigfoot was captured, all of us who hypothesized Bigfoot did not exist…

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These 2 Suffered From Migraines For Years, Here’s What Finally Worked…

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Andrea had suffered with migraines for about 9 years that started in her early 30’s. There was really no clear reason why she started getting migraine headaches. She theorized that maybe the pain started from overuse and poor ergonomics as an ultrasound tech. All she knew was her headaches felt like having being stabbed by a “sharp knife” behind her right eye and the right top of her head. Consistently she would get these debilitating headaches about every 2 weeks that required her to seclude herself in a room for about 3 days. When it was all over, she still…

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3 Reasons Your Osteopathic Treatment Should Include The Eyes

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First Name Email address: List choice Daniel Lopez, D.O. - Personal Health Daniel Lopez, D.O. - Financial Health Osteopathic Professionals Leave this field empty if you're human: Introduction How our eyes function play a big role in how our bodies interact with the external environment. Our posture will adapt to keep our eyes horizontal to the horizon. Our eyes are closely connected with our ears to reflexively turn our gaze towards sounds that may require our immediate attention. Given what an important role our eyes play in our overall posture and function, I believe they are structures commonly overlooked and...
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One of My Favorite Osteopathic Stories

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I have seen a lot of strange cases in the past, but I specifically remember this one for its peculiarity and humor. Jennifer brought her daughter in to see me. Along with her daughter, came Jennifer’s brother and her mother to the appointment. Jennifer’s brother and mother were already patients of mine, but the whole family coming to the appointment made me curious what I was going to encounter. “This must be something major,” I thought. “So what can I help you with?” I asked. “Well, my daughter has dark circles under her eyes. Can you help with that?” asked…

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How To Find An Osteopath In The US

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Finding an osteopathic physician who practices hands-on osteopathic treatment can be hard. Much of the population in the United States does not know that osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) exist. Even with those that do, many do not know how to find an osteopath that does hands on osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). Unlike much of the rest of the world, D.O.s in the U.S. are trained as fully licensed physicians on top of their osteopathic training. The end result of this is that the vast majority of U.S. trained D.O.s practice medicine in a similar fashion to their M.D. counterparts. They practice…

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The Most Compelling Reason To Heal Your Trauma Down To The DNA

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What if we looked at cultivating our health differently? What if we were more proactive in cultivating both physical and mental health? It might surprise you how that could change not just you, but your family in the present and the future. Many patients who have had quality osteopathic treatments, myself included, describe feeling like their body is being unwound. They describe feeling lighter and looser. Movement becomes easier and more efficient. Sometimes patients describe feeling a natural high as endorphins are released. Over time, some patients start to understand and experience how this unwinding has an effect on their…

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The Rule of the Artery: Osteopathic Reflection

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The rule of the artery is supreme.” Andrew Taylor Still, D.O.   This quote is often mistaken as being the primary principle that osteopathy is based on. Dr. Still, the founder of osteopathy wrote about the importance of other structures and having the whole body in working order. Having said this, he did understand how vital unobstructed blood flow is to overall health. Having unobstructed blood flow generally means all the tissues are in proper working order. Does Blood Flow Matter? Blood flow is highly important for the overall health of the body. The tissues that get the best blood…

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Questions About Health? Start With Nature For The Answer

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These days there is so much conflicting information about health. There are so many different diets, exercise programs, medications, supplements, and more. It can become overwhelming even if you are an expert on health. Since its beginning, osteopathy has looked for answers in nature. In his book Osteopathy: Research and Practice, Andrew Taylor Still wrote, “The Osteopath who succeeds best does so because he looks to Nature for knowledge and obeys her teachings . . .” This is a great place to start and is the standard we should strive for. What Does This Mean? It seems with so many…

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